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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flea Markets

We didn't wander too far over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. On Sunday we headed for Cedarburg and its "Maxwell Street Days" sponsored by the volunteer fire department. Actually, this event is really just a big flea market. We were on the hunt for anything we could add to our camping gear, especially vintage stuff.
Nearly 700 vendors were at Cedarburg's flea market along with a number of food stands.
 Where else but in Wisconsin can one have a brat and a beer at 8 o'clock in the morning!
A few vendors offered fresh produce but mostly there was a lot of junk for sale. 
One of the several crafters at Cedarburg. I admire those artists who can
create whimsical characters out of scrap metal. Notice Rick's cap -
something he picked up at another flea market.
We like the flea market that is part of the Allenton Lion's Car Show held around the 4th of July. It's a very complete event with a pancake breakfast, toy show, and polka band. This year's occurrence will be July 1 and we'll be there for about the 10th year in a row. 
The car show at the Allenton event is quite a bit bigger than the flea market.
Last winter when we were in Florida, we checked out the local flea market near where we were staying. It was great to be able to wander the aisles of vendors outdoors in the middle of January and to see flowers in the midst of winter. And the fresh oranges, too. 
Orchids at the Seminole, FL Mustang Flea Market.
7 Mile Fair, about 10 miles south of Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport, is always good for a weekend jaunt. Lots of vendors are selling seconds of just about any household item – and clothing, too. I can always find socks there. 
The person with this carrier is both a fan of flea markets and cars!
I'm sure that we'll hit a few more flea markets as we continue to wander Wisconsin this summer.

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