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Monday, June 04, 2012

June is Dairy Month

This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of June Dairy Month – a tradition that was established to stabilize demand for dairy products during periods of peak production.

Image from the Wisconsin Historical Society - WHi 42915.
 Here in Wisconsin – known as America’s Dairyland – we have the Milk Marketing Board. The WMMB is a non-profit organization funded by dairy farm families with the mission of increasing the sale and consumption of Wisconsin milk and dairy products. Although California beats us in liquid milk production, we are number one in cheese production. Wisconsin has more skilled and licensed cheese makers than any other state. And what is the top cheese produced in Wisconsin? Mozarella – for all those pizzas we eat!

Alice in Dairyland, a pubic relations professional employed by the state’s Department of Agriculture, was created in 1948 as part of our state’s centennial celebration. Every year a new Alice is crowned in May. She launches her year-long “reign” by kicking off June Dairy Month events.

Here in Madison “Cows on the Concourse” is part of our Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square the first Saturday in June. This year it was a beautiful morning to see at least one cow, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, or drink milk. I met the 2012 Wisconsin Brown Swiss Queen, Allison Quick of Oconomowoc. I’m not so sure about the honor of being queen of the cows when one is a teenager but this young woman carried herself with royal aplomb.

A few years ago the Milk Marketing Board presented CowParade Wisconsin. More than 100 painted “cows” made their debut in Madison and several surrounding communities. These whimsical animals joined the 1.2 million dairy cows that already called Wisconsin home. Here are some of my favorites.

With pink flamingos this cow would be a perfect addition
to all of our vintage camping trailer tchotchkes.
We saw this cow at the World's Biggest Brat Fest ahead
of June Dairy Month.

The Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson is where this cow
spends its days (and nights)

Pasture Bedtime

I called this one "Cowhuly" because of its glass necklace.

The band cow stood in front of the Humanities Building
which houses the Music Department at UW.

These cows found their home at the Milk Marketing
Board office.

This was my favorite "cool" cow!

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