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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Classic Cars on Dad's Day

One of our Father’s Day traditions for a number of years has been to attend the British Car Field Day in Sussex WI – a benefit for the Boy Scouts and Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. You can’t get much more British than Sussex. 
This is a refined show and one of my favorites. It’s not quite the Milwaukee Masterpiece, but there is an air of elegance at the Sussex Village Park this day.
Rick always has a good time when his friends, Bill, John, and/or Paul,
check out the cars with him. 
Because we won’t be attending the show this coming weekend, I’m posting some past photos. Since many cars return year after year, one might see some of these lovelies on Father’s Day 2012. A car doesn’t have to be a classic (more than 20 years old) to be exhibited at this show – it just has to be British. However, the classics usually outnumber the new ones.
The "Twins" - almost identical - are driven by a husband and wife team each year.
My all-time favorite is the Morris Mini-Minor. About a half dozen or so show up every year. Nearly two of these cars could fit into today's Mini Cooper which is pretty small. I'm also a sucker for a convertible.

Even in a small garage there would be plenty of room
for junk if this were your car.
Who can resist such a cutie?

The license plate reads "MOMS JAG."

And then there are the unusual, one-of-a-kind vehicles their proud owners bring to the show. 
Nash Metropolitan - not an amphicar!
Land Rover - reminds me of a Hummer.
If you happen to be near Sussex on Sunday, check out the show. If you're hungry, have a burger cooked by the Scouts. If you're thirsty, don't worry; the boys will show up with cold beverages in their coolers on wheels as you browse the classic cars.


  1. You hit the nail on the head with this entry, Jeanne. This is always a wonderful show and a great location. AND, its true, the Boy Scouts do serve up the best hamburgers and brats. No adult beverages are available to put your cooler in your car.


  2. No wonder why there’s an “air of elegance” that day; the ground is filled with the regal queens and kings of the road. Those vintage-yet-sleek beauties are tremendously awesome! :”>

    - Arlyne Nelms