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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dutch Oven Success

Because of other commitments on the weekend, we were only able to camp at Ledge Park, our favorite, on Saturday night. 
It was an opportunity to experiment with our Lodge Dutch Oven and, as is my wont, I tried something new when company was coming for dinner. We had stopped at the Lodge cast iron cookware store in South Pittsburg, Tennesse on our way back from Florida this past January. We picked up the proper lid and stand to use for outdoor cooking. And a recipe book, too.

I prepared a basic pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. The biggest challenge was browning the meat. I ended up using our camp gas stove to do that because the Dutch Oven just didn't seem to get hot enough. However, the temperature was just right to cook the meat and veggies to a delicious doneness. The Dutch Oven just might replace my Cobb Grill, but I'll have to make sure I have enough charcoal briquettes since I used about four times as many with the Dutch Oven as I would have with my Cobb.

Our friends, Greg and Laurie, and Rick’s brother, Randy, sister-in-law, Patty, and their grandson, Devin, were our guests for dinner that finished with cherry pudgy pies. No leftovers – always a good sign.

We checked out the sunset over Horicon Marsh later in the evening and continued banter around a blazing camp fire as the temperature dropped.
Red sky at night, sailors' delight. It was a clear on Saturday night
and a beautiful Sunday.
Rick’s vintage camping trailer was nice and toasty during the night with just a small electric heater providing the warmth we needed. Breakfast on Sunday morning was followed by a couple of hours of relaxation and conversation with another Devin, grandson of the Ledge Park managers, our friends Joe and Suzy. 
Trilliums turn pink at the end of their season. Lots of them at Ledge Park this past weekend.
 We'll be back – maybe as soon as the coming weekend – for another Dutch Oven dinner.      

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  1. As one of the guests who dined on Jeanne's pot roast with veggies, I can testify that she has mastered the Dutch Oven - the meal was delicious! The sunset over the marsh was lovely and the acoustic guitar from the next camp site added to the ambience.