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Monday, May 07, 2012

Camping Season Begins

It was another vintage camping trailer weekend in northern Illinois with some new old friends. BJ Frantz was our hostess with the mostess at the Thomas Woods Campground in Marengo, IL. Okay, we wandered out of state again but there was a Wisconsin connection – the site is a moraine left by the retreating Wisconsin glacier. 
Blooming wildflowers were abundant throughout the campground.
We gathered to show our trailers (some in the group had procured new vintage ones over the winter), share cocktails, good food, and stories around the campfire. And plenty of good-natured ribbing!
BJ restored her Yellowstone "canned ham." Its floor plan is similar to that of
Rick's vintage Trailblazer.
This 1973 Avion owned by Bill and Anna from Freeport, IL was new this year.
Mike and Jessica from South Milwaukee acquired their 1972 Avion this past winter.
 The Illinois Railway Museum – largest in the country – was nearby so we checked out the really BIG rigs on Saturday with our friends, Anna and Bill.
Some of these engines weigh nearly 150,000 pounds.
We took a ride on an electric train about 5 miles out into the country. Our volunteer motorman explained
the history of this type of train.
Was Thomas the Tank Engine patterned after this engine?
Thomas visits for two weekends at the end of August and thousands of big and little kids come to see him.
So many Trail Blazers - not just Rick's vintage camping trailer! 
We stopped at Donley’s Wild West Steakhouse for lunch – great food but a spacey waitress who kept forgetting to bring all of Bill’s order!
We didn't think this guy mounted inside the restaurant was a white-tail deer - too mean looking.
 BJ treated us to an excellent Dutch Oven breakfast on Sunday – fortunately we were able to finish before the rain deluge.

We’re looking forward to other vintage gatherings this fall and to meeting up with friends once again.
Pretty much the theme of us vintage trailer campers.....

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