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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wheels and Deals

We ventured north about 100 miles the end of last week for car and vintage camping trailer shows.

On Friday it was the Zephyrhills Winter Auto Fest, a car auction and swap meet. This event is the first shopping and buying opportunity for collector and classic auto enthusiasts according to the promoter. Unfortunately, it wasn't like the Iola Old Car Show - no "folk art," i.e., no restored cars exhibited by people telling their stories. All the cars were there for only one purpose - to be sold. I watched and listened while a couple dozen cars were auctioned off. Lots of lookers, a few bidders, and even fewer successful bidders. Maybe one in ten cars offered met the reserve set by the seller so very few new owners drove off with the cars of their choice. Apparently this auction wasn't even that exciting. A man sitting next to me fell asleep in the midst of the auctioneer's spiel!

I wandered through the cars that were put up for sale and found a few interesting ones like this Studebaker with its jet-like front end.

I'm always pleased with myself when I recognize a 60s Chevy truck. This white flatbed is a 1964 model. Its front looks just like Rick's panel truck.

And this black one is a Suburban. Again, a front end that I recognize easily.

These 1957 Chevy "twins" are what Rick calls "belly button" cars - everyone has one!

I'm not a fan of the swap meet section of a car show. It's the junk yard as far as I see it so I didn't spend time looking at rusty bumpers, old license plates, or 14 styles of tail lights. I did score a new Florida map, that we needed, from the Triple A guy.

This method of ice cream making as well as the history of the engine that powered the process caught my eye at one of many food stands.

On Saturday we checked out vintage camping trailers at the Tin Can Tourist Winter Rally outside of Brooksville. Lots to see and many people to talk with. 

This Arrow trailer belongs to a "glamper," someone who is into glamour camping. The trailer is highly decorated, usually by a woman. This owner of this Arrow kept telling Rick and me that she wanted our flamingo patterned Hawaiian shirts (image of the pattern follows).

And now for the inside...

Can you see why our shirts fit right in with her colors?

Rick's favorite trailer was this Airfloat that had been restored by Tim Heintz from Panama City, FL. Tim and Rick had been corresponding via Facebook so Rick was excited to finally meet Tim. It's quite unusual to find a 30-something so passionate about vintage trailers, usually the pervue of the baby boomers and older set.

Another camper at the rally thought this trailer could be done as a Beatle-themed "yellow submarine." The general shape of the trailer and the porthole at the back is reminiscent of a submarine. And if it were painted yellow.....

This Spartan belongs to the guy who organizes many of the Tin Can Tourist rallies. It's a real beauty.

Here's a Casita from a couple lost in the 60s.

And an Argosy - longer than Rick's trailer but still in the Airstream family - just painted, that's all. Oh, and the big panoramic window in front (not usually found on older Airstream models).

The most unusual trailer at the rally was this Pontiac. It's HUGE and the owner pulls it with an older Buick Park Avenue sedan!

Check out the dining room. One of Rick's smaller trailers could fit in the living room!

One more vintage trailer as I close my post. This Argosy was at the Travelers Rest RV Resort, a place we checked out on Friday afternoon. The owners, a couple from Nashville, were inspired to paint their trailer with this design to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Wally Byam's (founder of Airstream) caravan in Africa.

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  1. Rick just pointed out a couple of mistakes--the belly button cars are '55, not '57 Chevys. I apologize for the misspelled word, It's supposed to be purview.