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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reminders of Spring

Before we head north after a glorious month in Florida, I wanted to share some pictures that represent the hope of warmer weather we will be experiencing in the frozen tundra sooner rather than later!

We went to the beach our last two days. However, it wasn't the typical crowded beach on the Gulf coast. We found a quiet spot at the Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center. This nature-based park has nearly two miles of shoreline on the beautiful Lemon Bay Aquatic Preserve and some lovely walking trails.

Our beach didn't have a lot of sand, but just enough room for us to set up our camp chairs and dangle our feet in the water.

Lots of pines and palms...

Earlier we found the Oak Farms Nursery in Englewood. Plants were displayed among the trees so looking at all those blooms and greenery felt like a walk in the park. (There's Rick in the safari hat checking out the flora.)

We had an enjoyable picnic at Indian Mound Park also in Englewood. Again, another quiet park on Lemon Bay where we could look out on the water and dream of warmer days to come. It was an overcast day (eventually we had rain that evening), but we appreciated looking at green trees rather than white snow!

I'll close with this final image. Someone has a sense of humor -- and probably comes to Florida from parts north for respite from winter...

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