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Monday, July 18, 2011

July Car Shows

July is usually a big car show month for us. In fact, the week before we were in Iola for that show, we were in Allenton (“Allington” as the locals call it) for the Annual Lions’ Pancake Breakfast, Car Show, & Large Flea Market on July 3. It’s another great community event that I’ve attended for nearly a dozen years now.

These folks know what they’re doing. The breakfast line moves right along. Members of a local Boy Scout troop are there Johnny-on-the-spot to wipe up the sticky maple syrup that gathers on the plastic-covered tables. Seconds (and thirds) of pancakes are offered.
And I mustn’t forget to mention the polka band that provides entertainment throughout the morning.

One of my favorite parts of the event is the bucket raffle – tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5. The Lions put together some nifty prize packages. Of course, I’ve never won but that doesn’t stop me from buying $5 or $10 worth of tickets.

This year we had a purpose for browsing the flea market – to find décor for the vintage camping trailer. I scored a plastic pink flamingo! Maybe I finally got lucky.

Some of the cars I liked at the show included these.
Top down on a summer day - now that's what I call drivin'!

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  1. A plastic pink flamingo? That sure is a unique décor! I'm certain it looked good on your trailer. Anyway, you definitely have an eye for beautiful vintage vehicles. These cars look amazing! They look like they were cut straight from old Hollywood movies. Their curb appeal is undeniable!