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Monday, January 30, 2012

Where's the beer?

I'll admit it - I'm a beer snob. And so is Rick. At a bar or restaurant if a server doesn't understand that Bud and Bud Light aren't really in the class of good beers, we're concerned about what other offerings might be on tap. Maybe it's our Wisconsin roots.

Fortunately, we did find one bar during our Florida travels that had good beer - the Dunedin Brewery, the oldest craft brewer in the state. The Brewery also served deep fried cheese curds. The chef who put that tasty item on the menu was from Wisconsin!

With live music offerings and a great beer selection, the Dunedin Brewery
is a fun place. And with Wisconsin Cheese Curds on the menu, this is one bar
not to be missed.
Another Wisconsin connection we found was at the Linger Lodge in Bradenton. The man who originally built the place was from Wisconsin. It's been called one of the top five weird restaurants in the country. Could be because of all the dead animals mounted on the walls. Unfortunately the beer selection wasn't very good but the setting was quite beautiful and that made up for the lack of something appealing to imbibe.

We were hoping to find a Packer bar to watch the play-off game on January 15th. I had downloaded a number of choices from a website listing the Packer bars in the area where we were staying. Last year when we were in Orlando during the Packer-Falcon game we found a great bar, One-Eyed Jack's, where the fans were hard core. I don't think I've seen as many Packer jerseys and foam cheeseheads on fans in any Wisconsin bar on game day. We were expecting the same in the Seminole area.
Regrettably, one of the bars on the list that we stopped at didn't even recognize us as customers let alone Packer fans. So we went to the Angry Pepper, a place we'd been at two days before that had good food and a good selection of craft beers. Another customer who saw us in our Packer "finery" even gave up his seat so we'd have a better view of the big-screen TV to watch the game. I guess that’s what they call southern hospitality!

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