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Weekends are for wandering Wisconsin. That's what Rick, my guy, and I do. Occasionally we wander during the week, too. Sometimes we just drop in on other people's lives.

This blog is my way of sharing where we've been, neat places and things to do that we've found.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sometimes we don't have to wander very far from home to find a unique experience. Such was the case this past Sunday when we were part of an interactive dinner theater with the theme of -- murder!

We dined at the American Serb Memorial Hall in Milwaukee. Actors from the Murder Mystery Co. warned us that something was amiss that evening at the Billionaires' Club's annual masquerade ball. And sure enough, we had just finished our first course when General D. Motor, president of the Club, died in our midst - from a poisoned cigar. Suspects were scattered throughout the hall. One of them, Miss Jessica Flesher, famous mystery writer, was at our table. 
General D. Motor, victim. 
The General with Rita Book, crack reporter on the scene.
It was up to Stacie and Bill from Brookfield,  Sue and Craig from Appleton,  and Chad and Mindy from Beaver Dam, along with Rick and me to solve the crime and figure out whodunit.
Stacie and Bill
Sue and Craig
Chad and Mindy, who played Jessica.
(sorry, Mindy, that the photographer caught you almost blinking)
It turned out that Jessica wasn't the murderer - thank goodness! Unfortunately, the best detectives weren't at our table but we had an enjoyable evening, nonetheless, with some very nice people. I even saw friends, Deb and Marilyn, from Madison who had ventured out for a night of mystery and intrigue.

I love improv comedy and would be delighted to be chosen as one of the "players" the next time we participate in this type of dinner theater. 

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  1. Great blog - I love where you've been. My kids are in Ashland so I too, get to enjoy the big lake. And the tent shows. Went to last years Montello rally. Fun - but we had blazin hot weather. You will have to come to a "Sisters on the Fly" camp out next end of August. They are coming to my retreat to make charity quilts for 'Casting for Recovery'. And of course mostly all vintage trailers. All women too. Keep up the great blog. I am in Sauk County. Patsy