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Monday, October 10, 2011

It was a hoot!

Sometimes Wisconsin wanderers end up out of state as we did this past weekend when we landed in Woodstock IL for another vintage camping trailer rally. This one was hosted by BJ Frantz who did a super job of ordering the perfect weather, picking a great campground, and putting together a stellar group of "canned ham" trailer enthusiasts.
WillOaks Campground has a lovely pond.
It was fun to see some of the same people we'd met three weeks ago at the vintage trailer rally in Montello WI. And there were new folks, too, who seemed like old friends after just a few minutes of conversation. Some of the veterans brought different trailers so we had a chance to see more of their collections.

Apparently there were coyotes in the area. At first I thought it was the kids camping in the rustic area whooping it up at 4:00 in the morning. Later I learned from our fellow campers that it was probably coyotes howling at the almost full moon. 

We checked out the annual Fall Diddley arts and crafts fair in Belvidere and chatted with our friends from Creative Design Studio. We had burgers at The Public House in Woodstock with new friends, Anna and Bill. Rally activities included outdoor movies with a vintage trailer theme, a progressive cocktail party, potluck dinner, trailer trash gift exchange and speed grab, and group campfires. 

It's all about the decorations! Julia and Norm from DeKalb
have some of the best.
Rick was probably using his iPad in this picture. He even set up his cell
phone to be a Wi-Fi hot spot! The guy just can't be disconnected at any time.
One of the "canned hams."
Sandy from Indiana owns this '67 Shasta.
Bill and Anna's Shasta - restored from the bottom up. Shastas have wings.
John and Ann's Friendship trailer - another restoration with great windows.
This trailer was made in Friendship WI.
We were pleased that our friends, Jim and Michelle, from Wayne IL dropped by on Friday afternoon. Jim had recently bought a vintage pick-up truck in Wisconsin.
Jim's Ford truck came from Curtiss, WI.
Yes, it was a hoot - a fun weekend with a wonderful group of people from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. I'm sure we will be joining them at next year's rally when we once again will wander south of the border.

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