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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fair Season

I have fond memories of my county and local fairs that occurred about this time of the summer. In Sheldon, at the local fair, exhibit entries were limited to 25 per person. My mother entered the limit every year – garden vegetables, flowers, baked goods. My entries (usually sewn items) had been judged the previous week at the county fair in Ladysmith so were merely on display in the youth section of our exhibit building. I can’t quite remember just how many blue ribbons I may have won over the years, but I’m sure there were a few!

Attending our Wisconsin State Fair has always been a highlight of summer. There’s always so much to see. Along with the exhibits, I love the vendor tents and waterless cookware demonstrations. Who can resist the cream puffs?

We have attended the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau. We saw the youth livestock exhibits, watched a part of the Market Animal Show & Sale, and looked at artifacts in the Farm Museum.
Not the real thing - but the perfect fair symbol.
We arrived at the Calumet County Fair in Chilton a few years ago just in time for the homemade wine judging. Along with their critiques, the judges gave out samples. Now that was a perk I wasn’t expecting!

They grew some mighty big veggies on the east side of Lake Winnebago!
Rick claims that the Sheboygan County Fair in Plymouth or the Walworth County Fair in Elkhorn are the best in the state. I’m not one to argue. The boy enjoys his toys and loves to climb up on the BIG tractors that are being shown by the local implement dealer.
These roosters sure know how to crow about themselves.
With apologies to all my International Harvester friends.
I hope county fairs continue to thrive in the future. They are a precious piece of Americana not to be missed.

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