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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Concours d'Elegance

Probably the best known of this type of car show is the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance held on the Monterey Peninsula in central California since 1950. Rick and I and a friend took the opportunity to see Pebble Beach-worthy automobiles right here in the Midwest on Sunday. It was the 7th Annual Milwaukee Masterpiece on the shores of Lake Michigan at Veterans Park. 

Automobiles are on display by invitation only. Some are driven to the event but most arrive on trailers. I have more respect for the drivers rather than the “trailer queens.” I figure, why have a classic car and never drive it? However, when I see the beauty of these vehicles, I can understand why their owners don’t want to take the chance of even getting a bird dropping on their beautiful automobiles let alone being in an accident on the road.
Classic motorcycles were part of the show.
This Indian was a winner in its class.
The owner of this Morgan drove to Milwaukee from the Chicago area.
This Honda was one of the first imported in 1972.
The owner of this Pantera stores other cars in Rick's barn.
Our friend remarked that this Woodill looked like
one of the cartoon cars in the movie, Cars.
This Packard Caribbean convertible looks like it
belongs in the tropics.
John Pranica drove his 1957 Thunderbird from
Appleton with his son, Thomas. John had exhibited
this beauty at the Iola Car Show where the chairman
of the Masterpiece saw it and and invited John
to participate. Needless to say, John was thrilled
to be part of such a prestigious show.
Here's a cute Sunbeam, made famous in the TV series
Get Smart, that was in the parking lot.
Yes, even some of the spectators had cars worthy
of being on the other side of the entrance gate.
It's a Porsche tractor - who knew!
The Deuce of Spades (1932 Ford Roadster), featured
in an indie movie with the same name.
The filmmaker, Faith Granger, produced, wrote,
directed, edited, and filmed it. And, she also starred in it. 
With a car show this elegant, stylish, and artful, I felt like I should dress up. Blue jeans and a t-shirt just didn't cut it when surrounded by such splendor.

Next year's Masterpiece is scheduled for August 25-26. It's sure to be another stunning show!

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