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Friday, August 05, 2016

Up, Up and Away!

The Menomonie Airfest & Autorama was June 25 at the Menomonie (WI) Municipal Airport. This was the fourth year of the event that had something for everyone - vintage airplanes, aerobatics in the sky, classic cars, pancake breakfast, kids' activities, vendors for the ladies, and - because this is Wisconsin - a beer garden!

Our friends, Larry & Vicki, spent mega hours as organizers and volunteers to make sure this was a great event. (Last summer Larry took us up in his plane for an aerial view of Menomonie. A prior blog post has some of the pictures I took.) Other friends from Menomonie, Jim & Kaye, volunteered during the day.

Rick was at Road America in Elkhart Lake watching Indy car races with his son and grand boys. I went to Menomonie with other friends, George & JoEllen.

A couple of my favorites in the car show section. . .
Red trucks always capture my attention.
As do green cars.

One of the most bizarre vehicles at the show was the Slingshot, sold by Sport Rider, a dealer from Altoona WI. If you have an extra $20K to spare and want the experience of the open road when driving, this just may be the vehicle for you. Here's what the dealer writes about it: 

Slingshot™ is an entirely new on-road driving and riding experience. The open air cockpit of Slingshot™ hits you with a 360 degree rush of sight, sound, and smell. With side by side seating, both driver and passenger experience a front row shot of adrenaline. Its wide stance and sport-tuned suspension will make you want to charge every corner and never let off. With a low to the ground vehicle stance, you can feel the rush of pavement under your seat and in your chest. Slingshot™ is lightweight and powerful, making for heart pounding acceleration. Just punch it and you are there.

All that's needed to drive this on the road is a motorcyclist license.
Another unusual vehicle at the show was the Fairey Gannet airplane. Its wings can fold up. Takes up less space in the hangar, I suppose. 

Here's a video of the plane starting up and its wings expanding. Quite the sight.

The aerobatics were amazing - especially those displayed by the "drunk" pilot. It was a joke perpetrated by the show's organizers and I fell for the pilot's antics hook, line, and sinker.

The show ended with the salute to the missing pilot. I'm not sure how close the four planes are to each other when they're flying in formation before one peels off. Nonetheless, a great deal of skill is required and it's a neat feat to witness - especially with vintage planes. 

George was an aircraft mechanic before he retired so he donned the appropriate attire for the Airfest.
George may have had to answer a few questions from Airfest goers due to his t-shirt's logo!
Next year's Airfest & Autorama will be the last Saturday in June. Maybe we'll see you there!

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