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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beer and Cheese Fest

Last Saturday Rick came to Madison and we attended the Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest. We were first timers at this event. 
We arrived shortly after the festival opened to the general public and stood in a long line to get into the exhibit hall. Those with VIP tickets were able to enter an hour earlier but paid for the privilege to do so. There was confusion as to just what the entry process was. We eventually learned that the wrist band we received was merely to show that we were over 21 years of age. Then we had to present our tickets to someone else at another gate.

We visited most of the craft brewers and artisanal cheese makers. It's great to see microbreweries making a comeback in Wisconsin. Not quite as many as there were in the 1800s, but a respectable number nonetheless.

Our complimentary tasting glass. It may look like it's a
standard pint but it is about half the capacity.
I was delighted to see Potosi Brewing Company in attendance and had to have a sample of my favorite - Snake Hollow Pale Ale.
We've not been to this brewery in Eau Claire. It's on our
list for the next time we travel north.
A glance at a beer aficionado's garb will give a clue as to his or her favorite brew.
And then there are the generic t-shirts that cause a smile.
My friend and former colleague, Jim Draeger, author of Bottoms Up! A Toast to Wisconsin's Historic Bars & Breweries, was at the Fest. In addition to the book, the Wisconsin Historical Society Press partnered with Wisconsin Public Television to produce a documentary that features many of the bars and breweries in the book. A few weeks ago I also viewed the current Bottoms Up! exhibit at the Wisconsin Historical Museum. This exploration of Wisconsin's tavern culture is on display until March 23. Check it out.

All in all, the Beer and Cheese Fest was a good event for a beer snob who appreciates the flavor of a good microbrew! 

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