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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally II

People who own vintage camping trailers are some of the friendliest, funniest, and most creative people we've met. This past weekend we participated for the second year in the Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally in Montello at the Buffalo Lake Camping Resort. (Open the rally link and you'll see that Rick's Chevy panel truck and the Trailblazer from the 2011 Rally were featured!) 

T-shirt from this year's rally.
Our hostess, Kimberly Steiner, once again did an outstanding job of putting together a fun weekend. Progressive cocktail party, potluck dinner, jello contest, conversations around campfires, "show 'n' shine" open house - lots of great activities for the last weekend of this summer. 

This year we took the '65 Frolic which we are calling "Frolie." Rick bought the camper on July 16. In a matter of a few weeks he repainted the trailer, got the stove, furnace, sink, and toilet working, shined all the aluminum trim, and replaced all the exterior screws with stainless steel ones so no more rust.  I sewed cushion covers and curtains. 
Of course, Rick needed a different truck to pull the new trailer - an '89 Ford. It may be longer than the trailer!
We displayed Rick's vintage Scotch collection at our site.
"Ginger," new to this year's rally, belongs to Julia and Norm from DeKalb,  IL.
A pair that is sure to turn heads as its owner drives the two down the road.
Shawn and Kelly from Cambridge offered popcorn and slushies to visitors during the weekend.
One of the "canned hams" at the rally.
And another.
There seemed to be more "silver bullets" at this year's rally compared to last year.
An Airstream beauty.
A new feature of the rally this year was a mailbox contest. Every morning Kimberly delivered trailer mail and we were encouraged to get creative. Here are the winners - first, second, and third place.
Curt and Tina from Ladysmith, WI get honorable mention in my book for their mailbox rendition.
Gary and Mary from Ellsworth, WI and Mary's cousin, Christie, immerse themselves in the vintage weekend by dressing in 70s clothing the entire time.
Pink flamingos - of all sizes - abound at vintage trailer rallies.
Now here is something that's really vintage! About 200 Amish families live in the area. We visited a rug maker, bakery, and general store on Friday when we had some free time.
Two worlds meet at the general store.
Someone who posts on a Facebook page that Rick follows commented that rallies and rally people are so much more fun than camping with the general public. I couldn't agree more.

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