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Monday, August 13, 2012

Symco Shakedown IV

Symco is a crossroads on Highway 22 north of Manawa and the site of a two-day traditional hot-rod and rock 'n' roll show – the Symco Shakedown. (For more background, see my blog post about last year's event.)
This year's was the 4th annual and Rick has gone all four years – even volunteered for three. Our friend, Paul, borrowed one of the latest additions to Rick’s vintage trailer collection and camped next to Rick for three nights. Last year I said I wouldn't be going in 2012 since the Shakedown had turned into a three-day car show. That was just a bit too much for me. Well, I changed my mind and attended for one day this year.
The water tower dominates the skyline.
The police and fire stations share a building in "Unionville,"
 the recreated historic community at Symco.

This car was one of many brightly colored vehicles on display.
Nice pin striping.
Sometimes the plainest vehicles are the most visually appealing to me.
I'm always a sucker for a convertible.
This tractor is used in an orchard. The cover protects it from tree branches.
So often I talk about how small a world it is when I make a connection with someone. Once again the world is small. Last fall I met a woman, Katherine, at an event here in Madison. She mentioned that she was interested in classic cars. I told her about the Symco Shakedown and it turned out that she is good friends with the organizer. She even had met her husband at the event! Of course, we ran into each other this year at a supper club in Manawa.

The Miss Symco contest was added a couple of years ago. It’s fun to see women costumed as they would have dressed in the 1950s. However, I’m sure they weren’t sporting as many tattoos back then!
"Betty from Bel Air"
An added feature of this year’s show was a Saturday afternoon wedding in the chapel on the grounds. The happy couple were camping behind us and invited us to the ceremony.
The chapel held about 40 people.
I've heard of a velvet Elvis, but a velvet Jesus?
Jeff, the groom.

Casey, the bride.

The number of vendors is on the increase at the Shakedown.
These fuel pumps were at the swap meet last year, too.
So creative - wallets made from duct tape!
The Symco Shakedown is getting bigger every year. As for the 5th annual…..check in again next year.

I drove Highways 51 and 22 to get to the Shakedown. A field of sunflowers near Wild Rose on Highway 22.

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