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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Signs of History - Part II

One of the advantages of traveling the back roads of Wisconsin is discovering the signs of history in places where one would least expect them. Of course, some of the signs are on the beaten path - or even celebrate that path itself. Such as Road America in Elkhart Lake.
Imagine racing through country roads and village streets!
Several years ago we took in the Vintage  Sports Car Races at Road America. It was a beautiful weekend with so many stunning cars to look at. 
First winner at Elkhart Lake - a Ferrari.
As long as the cars are beautiful, it's a good car show in my eyes.

Our friend, John, had a Citroen like this one.
The Meister Brauser, a Scarab, was driven by Augie Pabst
The car after the race.
My favorite - a vintage Mini.

And another one.

There's something about the vintage racing cars that is so much more appealing to me than today's Indy cars. It's probably because they are regular cars - and some are so cute!


  1. Hey Jeanne ... is there any chance that your Ferrari is a Bristol?

  2. Since I usually can't tell a Chevy from a Ford, I could be wrong. However, the history that I read said the first driver to win drove a Ferrari and I thought I took a picture of the winning car when we wandered over the Road America.