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Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the Trail of Texas Barbecue

Last Saturday was Rick’s birthday. His present–barbecue from Texas. A couple of years ago we were in Texas about this time of the year. Rick was determined to find as many BBQ places as we could. One of the places we found was Chisholm Trail Bar-B-Q, on the Texas Barbecue Trail. Yes, there actually is a trail! Rick learned that this restaurant will ship its barbecue anywhere so I ordered his favorite beef brisket, pork ribs, and a fryer for his birthday. Delish!
Lockhart TX was on the old Chisholm Trail that was used for cattle drives
in the  late 19th century. Chisholm Trail Bar-B-Q isn't quite that old.
Barbecue is taken seriously in Texas as well as in a number of other southern states. Probably like we take our cheese and beer seriously here in Wisconsin.
Rudy's in Austin serves its barbecue on pieces of butcher paper.
No dishwasher is needed for restaurants that are part of this chain. 
Speaking of Wisconsin, I don’t think it’s ever too hard to find Wisconsin connections wherever we wander – even when we go out of state.
I'm not sure where I saw this sign - maybe it was in a Texas antique store.
Ardent Green Bay Packer fans are in Texas, too.

Karen Hein, a friend of mine and former colleague, lives in Austin and we saw her and her husband perform with the Cornell Hurd Band one night. The venue was Jovita’s, a great Mexican restaurant with some attention-grabbing murals on the walls.

Even though Central Texas, where we visited, has a great deal of appealing scenery, I’ll still take Wisconsin any day! 
These are Texas blue bonnets; lupines here in Wisconsin.
The flowers in my garden at Rick's are twice as tall
as any I saw on our trip. So take that, Texas!

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