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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Eat!

Thanksgiving is upon us so it seems appropriate that this week’s post should be about food....and where to find it.

As we wander Wisconsin, we’re always on the lookout for a good place to eat – a place that the locals frequent, a place off the beaten path. If we can find a place with a story, that’s even better. Of course, the food has to be good, too!

A sampling of some of our favorites……

Madame Belle’s Silver Dollar Saloon (Richfield) and Tally-Ho Pub & Grill (Hartford) are near Rick and two watering holes that we frequent regularly. Yummy burgers at both and a particularly good Bloody Mary bar at Tally Ho on Sunday mornings. Both restaurants have the same owner. One has a ghost (you’ll have to sample each one to find out where the spirit dwells).
The owner also has the Harley-Davidson franchise in Milwaukee.
Comet Café in Milwaukee was one of the diners, drive-ins, and dives that Guy Fieri of the Food Network visited a while back. If you love bacon, you’ll love this café.
Apparently Guy was at the Comet Cafe for a very short time during the filming;
it was Food Network people who spent more time there interviewing and filming the Comet's staff and customers.
Hankering for an old-fashioned drive-in complete with carhops? Then stop in at Mullin’s in Fox Lake. However, you’ll have to wait until April when the restaurant re-opens for the summer season.
Mullin's in Fox Lake not to be confused with Mullen's in Watertown. 
In the same vicinity of the state, you’ll find Chili John’s in Beaver Dam. The owner is a fun guy and there’s no mistaking who’s in charge – he is! Some of the signs in his restaurant: “We don’t make mistakes, we do variations” or “Dinner Choices – 1. Take it, 2. Leave it.” The chili was tasty.
Just breakfast and lunch at Chili John's.
The Pioneer Pub in Wild Rose has a wonderful outdoor deck that overlooks a mill pond. It’s a place I like to stop on the way home from the Iola Old Car Show.
Live music was a treat the last time I enjoyed lunch at the Pioneer Pub.
There’s nothing better in the summer than a fish boil in Door County. One of the best values we found was at the Sandpiper Restaurant in Baileys Harbor. However, I see from a recent news article, the restaurant has been sold and I don’t know if it’s already closed. 
This restaurant just might be history at this time.
Last summer we traveled more than an hour to have a steak at Schwarz’s Supper Club in St. Anna. We had seen the restaurant featured on a documentary about Wisconsin supper clubs and were intrigued. We had our brandy old fashioneds at the bar while waiting for our table. When in Rome....as they say.

Bon appétit! 

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