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Weekends are for wandering Wisconsin. That's what Rick, my guy, and I do. Occasionally we wander during the week, too. Sometimes we just drop in on other people's lives.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bottoms up!

Now that fall is officially here, I’m starting to think about where in Wisconsin to see some of the best color and maybe stop for a beer or two along the way. Southwest Wisconsin and the National Brewery Museum in Potosi immediately come to mind. The Museum is located in the beautifully restored Potosi Brewing Company and is a place to see an amazing amount of brewing memorabilia – labels, bottles, coasters, glasses, signs, and just about anything a brewery of the past used to advertise its product. The American Breweriana Association and the Potosi Brewery Foundation teamed up to create this museum.

Long before Wisconsin became known as “America’s Dairyland,” our state could have been called  “America’s Beer Keg.” During the 19th century, nearly every town in Wisconsin had a brewery. That’s why this national museum has so many exhibits that focus on Wisconsin brands. Today, the big brewers have consolidated but the micro breweries with their craft beers are making a comeback – much to the relief of those of us who believe that life is too short to drink bad beer!
Bloomer is in northwest Wisconsin - not too far from where I grew up.
Due to its large number of German immigrants, Milwaukee had many breweries. 
Hillsboro has a large Czech community. My mother's ancestors
came from Czechoslovakia but I mostly remember my grandfather
drinking a glass of wine rather than beer on the holidays.
I remember Kingsbury as a brand my dad drank.
Lithia signs can also be seen at Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery.
This brewery in Theresa (with the 'th' pronounced like the 'th' in 'with' and the
rest rhymes with 'dress-a') probably used water from the Rock River
in its beer recipe.

If you like a beer with great hops flavor, I recommend Potosi Brewery’s Snake Hollow IPA. It’s a sturdy ale with character and carries the original name of the Potosi Hollow.

And, if you go to check out the Museum and Restaurant, be sure to observe the speed limit in this town that has one street about three miles long. Rick got a ticket on the north edge of town!


  1. Hey Jeanne,
    Here's a link to a listing of WI microbreweries. You could spend a whole summer driving around the state checking them out--bet that would be a blast!

  2. Thanks for the link, Gina. We've been to 28 of the microbreweries on the list. So much beer, so little time!